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  • $ 3495

The Odyssey Springfield U-brake kit includes everything you need to easily setup rear U-brakes on your BMX bike: Odyssey Springfield U-brake, Odyssey Springfield brake lever, 60" long brake cable, steel cable hanger, Ghost pads, and all necessary mounting hardware.

The Springfield Brake drops the two ordinary (and confusing) brake springs and replaces them with one central spring that applies the same force to each arm, requiring no additional adjustment. This makes assembly incredibly easy – just bolt it on and go. The brake arms are designed to maximize stiffness and save weight without adding excessive cost. By die-casting the arms and using shared tooling to make each side, the Springfield meets all of the original design goals, resulting in a very powerful and affordable brake.

The Springfield lever is easy to install and remove without having to wrestle grips on and off. An ordinary hinged clamp can be bulky and expensive so a new clamping design made specifically for die-casting was used. This approach keeps the lever reliable and affordable. The lever handle is the same comfortable shape as the proven Monolever Medium blade.

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