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Envy Reaper Bars V2 650mm

  • $ 7999

Envy Flavio Pesenti Reaper Bars V2 are the awesome looking new handlebars from Blunt! These Bars have been made from extra thick aluminium to ensure that not only are they very strong, but they are also extremely lightweight. Made from extra thick, highgrade, lightweight aluminum.

The Envy Reaper bars are compatible with iHC, ICS and SCS compression, but will not work with HIC compression. They are 34.9mm external diameter, which means if running with iHC or ICS you will need an oversized clamp and if you are running SCS you will need the slit removed and an SCS Compression Clamp that fits oversize bars.

- Height - 650mm 25.59in
- Width - 580mm 
- Weight - 850grams
- These handlebars are not suitable when used with any HIC compression system.
- Slitted for ICS/IHC use (slit can be removed for SCS use)
-Clamp size- Oversized

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