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Gun Drops Premium Lubricant is formulated to provide maximum protection and performance for your marker's internal moving parts. Designed to be "super slick" like the TechT Gun Sav Grease, Gun Drops Oil was specifically formulated for paintball players/markers that need a liquid lubricant. Dropper Tip applicator assures precision placement of Gun Drops and avoids any messy spills. Gun Drops surpasses all expectations of gun oil!

Our thick, rich formula adheres to any part it comes in contact with to assure your marker stays protected.
Gun Drops Oil is designed to stick to the part you need to lube, while minimizing the amount of drag. This means Gun Drops stays in your marker and is not blown out of your barrel.
Designed for all internal marker parts that require oil, including hammers and rammers. Great for Tippmann hammers and Ego rammers.
Great for routine maintenance of your marker- just a couple drops keeps your marker lubed & shooting!
Easy application with the included dropper makes lubing those hard to reach areas within a marker easier.
Gun Drops should be used in place of oil as per the instruction manual of you marker.

*** Gun Sav should not be used with HPA Tanks. Doing so could cause personal injury our death. For internal marker operation only.***

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